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Product Line

Продуктовая линейка авторских дропов включает в себя: 

  • MSL= “Silver Line” Graphic Digital (the man-made matrix burns) DROPs (preorder on the 50 work on 2023)
  • MMIC= фото-серии by MIM (Mind Invaders Concept)     
  • MCP_GOFM= Sexy Girl (MIM monthly)       
  • MB= Instalation in box (Concept Salles)      
  • MD= Design Drops (витрины камины пазлы стулья)     . 
  • MMSW= Street Wear Stuff by MIM + Merch & Stickers
  • MARTVERT= Other ideas and situative drops
  • MCS= Consierge Service (SOON)
  • MAB= Фотоэмульсия бланков и Artwork AKA Painting & Sculpture
  • MMRWB= Mr. WB subbrand product-line 
  • MMIM= Sculpture Dolls (2-5 in the year)
  • MDH= Dolls House
  • MFPMIM= Face portrait with MIM 12 per year + sub drops (Berezoviks +) 
  • MSM= Screaming mamas (12 per year) 
  • MCSF= Circle face by “MIM” 
  • MCP= Comix pages reMIM print on canvas + draw
  • MCB= Comix Book about MIM Metaverse
  • MP= Perfomance
  • MIOB= Ideas only on blank (NFT)
  • MFUCKUSIMA= NFT situative series
  • MGB= Gift-Boxes 
  • MGC= Gift-Cards 
  • MCERTIF= Certificate from Maisons 
  • MMM= Maison Mousein Marshmella Product Line
  • MINSTALMARKET= ВИТРИНЫ как MIM installation 
  • MCP= Collabs products
  • MVALIZ= Чужие Чемоданы/коробки 
  • MART= Collab artwork preorder only 
  • MMERCH= Merch 
  • MFASH= FakeSecondmim  
  • MRPLC= Replica clothing mim 

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