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I’m 👄🐭💬 = Mouse In Mouth = Indie author’s toy-shop by epony🐭 artist-justforfunist Lë Boutiquehead, acting «MIM» or 🐭BOP✌🏻. Recommendations are synonymous with Author of Your Ideas, yours? «Mouse In Mouth» maneuvers, «gray» and «dark» will be mocked by hints, and white will be the background of my prosperity. The author inhabits web 3.0, crypto-investing and the intellectual property market are cloaked in the mask of the Author’s Art Project. Cultivating investing as gambling entertainment, in «expensive» or «cheap» endorphin. The author peddles his ideas. This whole media lunapark is a catalog of upcoming or already in operation, Author’s, situational drops from alter-ethos to appropriate consumer categories. The idea is more important than the execution. The description of merch or any other Author product is a reason for YOU to become a memeber and pre-order. For the most rip-roaring rabid fans of the Author of His Ideas there is an opportunity to purchase by pre-order «infected», already existing brands, which eventually became the brand «Mouse In Mouth».


I’m MIM= independent, international gonzo Author/BoutiqueHead of subscription-based lifestyle drops for the eponymous, behavioral boutique aka toy-shop. Whatever sells for the most money regardless of content, quality, or intent! I form my own world 😉 Artist or one man show concierge service? 🙂 ?

My main goal is to realize as much of my author’s products as possible, spreading like a virus. The product line that fills the «toy store» forms a universal marketplace with a horizontal type of products. The breadth of product categories is explained by this, the more different consumer goods the toy store will pass through, the more chances it has to expand and absorb more carriers/puppets. The processes and mechanisms of sale have a «transparent hood» — everything is shown and articulated absolutely openly, which reveals the mission and concept of the Author as a creator/artist, namely the IMPORTANCE of the iconography of the image of a doll with a mouse in its mouth!


«I» — «MIM» = Independent & International Author AKA MOUSEINTHEMOUTH® = A subscription-based author brand that creates product lines and investment opportunities primarily in the entertainment&fine art category for clients and brand partners under the direction of the Author of Your Ideas. The author is engaged in nurturing brand value carriers through a community/club with investments «in and for themselves». The main product produced by the author is an idea! Physical embodiment — art drops based on infoprovods, often mixed with native advertising. It can be rightly noted that «MIM» is strictly a marketing brand, engaged exclusively in self-piracy and hype).


The realization of ideas in the physical world takes place through the production by the new owner/carrier/buyer of the idea according to the instructions provided by the author = DROP + REALIZATION INSTRUCTION. This way of producing author’s objects is caused by the author’s adherence to the concept of «Digital First» — as it is a way to have relative freedom and escape from the imaginary exclusivity associated with manual labor, as well as the author’s need to develop the «MIM» brand through a pandemic strategy of defeating new carriers. The whole infrastructure of «MIM» as an independent boutique implies the mechanics of pre-order. All author’s drops are produced within internal maison/maisons/author’s alter-egos symbolizing all possible interests and addictions of the brand’s automatons/customers). Each maison is a factory for the production and service of the author’s/automatons’ target audience. The brand «MIM» is entirely based on the personality of the AUTHOR (Inkingkognito?) who creates situational drops with traffic schemes. Product line «MIM»= ranges from a bunch of designer candy, art lots, merch, service certificates, design objects to a customized Mack truck. Advertising here disguises itself as art or skillfully pretends to be it 🙂 🙂 .

Like any lifestyle brand «MIM» markets itself and what it sells (its product or service) to embody the interests and views of a group or subculture, the interests of that group take center stage.)) Some dropships and content are fake, but there is self value in the potential to plant a seed of ideas! Potential partners/co-creators are encouraged to lean into the brand ideology and synergize their product/service with the author’s lifestyle product-line or be involved in the creation of a new product/service. Existence as art-personal expression as a public manifestation. I am a content farm.

Man+Service / multi-personalities = this is the general model in the concept of the Author and all his thematic sub-personalities. Since the main product produced by the Author is an idea, all his activities fit under the creative activity of an artist, as the highest degree of realization of an independent creator. At the same time, all of the above does not prevent the Author to be a multidisciplinary brand and eventually Boutiquehead). Technologization of personal brand through fine-tuned marketing tools + high-end data analytics makes Author already something between a creative/marketing agency and a marketplace))))) BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH… A man is a company? 🙂 Not so rare, all the heroes of our time, the most powerful companies are created by savages who were not afraid to cheat creatively to win! BLAH-BLAH-BLAH-BLAH….. 🙂


«I» — MOUSEINTHEMOUTH®= Indie? int’l gonzo Author of subscription-based behavioral lifestyle drops AKA» LYO Boutiquehead» = Gonzo-Behavioristic-Concept-Boutique-Store with game & investing mechanics (author = common noum ;)) speaking in first person as: creativist/artist/marketologist/onemanshowartvertising agency/blogger/joker/producer/curator/gonzo-writer/investor/crash-tester/multi-founder-entrepreneur/decentralized autonomous artist&justforfunist.. 🙂 AKA life-style WEB 3.0 media brand + 🙂 AKA Gonzo-Shop managed by the author :)))), AKA «MIM» = (subscription brand )= elite creative lab creating product lines and investment opportunities in the entertainment&fine art category for clients and brand partners. The author is engaged in the nurturing of brand value carriers. Media-brand format= it is a club with investments in and for itself realized through an association of internal, thematic sub-brands, trading houses/maisons AKA alter ego of the author of your ideas)). The main product produced by the author is an idea! The realization of ideas in the physical world takes place through the production by a new owner/carrier/buyer of this idea according to the instructions provided by the author = DROP + REALIZATION INSTRUCTION (Exhibitions and author’s installations are also produced according to the same principle).

Client (join mim) Invests in Himself = has access to an exclusive content area, pre-orders of conceptual drops and services from houses of interest, privileges and discounts. All this is available to him after receiving a membership card.

Partner (collab with mim) Invests For Yourself= is a co-investor, contractor or co-owner of a house, partners for short, capsule projects, etc.. + This is a boutique direction in which even a client can invest in promising projects promoted by the author. The partner can become a co-author of each individual drop already in the process of its production by the author at the stage of its announcement.


What drives the author to create a whole product line of his works, horizontally affecting almost all available product categories, is an elementary desire to survive! Akin to a viral organism — inventing ways to stay and take root in the carrier, as well as an ambitious desire — to become a significant cultural phenomenon, not an atavism or an imitation of an icon or legend, which are relevant despite the change of generations. The author’s concept — «Mouse in the Mouth» — is a metaphor for the chronic diagnosis of the human species — it is the embodiment of the eternal question of the presence or absence of free will. The whole product line can be divided into two directions of consumer products — expensive or cheap endorphin, then products are divided into types and forms of presentation and existence — whether it is a sub-brand as a service or product or a branch of author’s objects, but about this below…. The author says, «I opened this POP-UP kiosk to sell tickets in co-authorship with my partner at one location or another, buy tickets and get closer to a ‘toy store’ membership.»

The author realizes drops personally on behalf of his numerous alter-egos. The main thing about creating art drops (graphics, painting, sculpture, performance) is the clear intention of the Author — to create conceptual art, which in the physical world is of secondary importance! A painting on canvas or a detailed, large format, finished graphic work is created by the Author more like a negative in the process of photography and after digitalization is destroyed. There is no disregard for manual labor or craftsmanship in general. It is important for the author to clearly transcend the primacy of exclusive analog production of artistic objects. Convection or limited edition, special project, collaboration — there is no fundamental difference. The author considers the presentation of the idea to be paramount, and it is the main object of sale in the author’s «toy store».

Example of selling an exclusive fireplace design to a buyer/carrier with a membership subscription: The object itself is professionally designed, taking into account all the data of the space in which it is to be installed and with an exclusive, author’s design. All its characteristics and description of the materials used are placed in the instructions for manufacture. The owner of the object himself is engaged in its production + sometimes the author attaches the contacts of the contractor in the region where the client lives. This is how any idea of the author is realized, whether it is a fireplace, a vase, designer wallpaper or a creative party or conceptual congratulations. The owner of any object becomes a carrier of the DNA of the brand «MIM» and the owner of a digital avatar of the universe of boutiquehead and his «toy store».

The real, physical carrier of the brand «MIM» = a person who does not live in total incognito mode, here it is more about the importance of personal details, the main thing is what exactly does «MIM» as a brand, and not the persona of a multi-founder within the concept. There is a quote from M. Margiela: «I don’t like to be a celebrity. Anonymity is more important to me. I want to feel like everyone else. I always wanted my name to be associated with the product I created, not with my face.» The Boutique-Head person who holds the position of Author is only released from it after he has finished his physical existence and possibly passed it on to a successor= AKA will one day be «New Pope» 😉



Author’s mission = to spread the brand by expanding brand influence and opening new offices/boutiques in every significant location in the world.

“No face reveal + no real product production = only ideas and life style.” AUTHOR

As a media brand, I produce thematic, seasonal, situational concept drops on my own behalf and on the basis of collaborations with other brands and partners + objects in the market of intellectual property (Non-tangible assets) & produce life-style products and services, and most importantly, price and affiliate narativization)))). «MIM» here as a marketplace of creative-investment initiatives. The goal is to develop not just a «boutique», but to create a whole community around a creative-investment lifestyle brand, the bearers of which are consumers and co-creators of the product. As mentioned above, «MIM» as a branded, author’s boutique accommodates an association of trading houses/maisons. All maisons embody the author’s interests and, in a sense, are multiple author’s alter egos 😉 At the moment 90 percent of the produced drops/products/services are of non-material origin.

Using a publicistic style, I focus my target audience on the themes of investment «in myself» and «for myself» through the agenda in the center of public attention, + taking into account the nature of the first-person narrative and emotionally subjective evaluation — the author is always in the center of attention). The boutique predominantly sells drops of the author and his partners and as a brand aims to collate and spread itself as a brand-virus without an explicit fixation to any product category, be it: art, design, fashion, crypto investment, family values, education, food, travel, dating and other, the connecting component uniting all these topics is entertainment. A metaphor for this construction can be a lunapark of entertainment of all types ;). +Sometimes, when objectivity is too boring, I myself invent , often harmless, fake infoprovods to generate situational drop 😉 Also, «MIM» = boutique of investment products and ways/opportunities to earn money.

As an Artist I am concerned with questions of identity and belonging and explore social, cultural and political structures in my artistic practice. I am interested in the discourse that can emerge when objects are radically recontextualized and conventional ways of representing art are altered. I explore the fine line between the personal and the collective. I am interested in questions of collecting and the psychology behind the praktoi of expressing oneself through physical objects. I reorganize social structures to explore hidden desires and control mechanisms. BLA-BLA-BLA-BLA-PE-PE-PE-PE….

«Collab is almost always the only way to realize the author’s idea in OFF-reality 🙂 » » THE AUTHOR OF YOUR IDEAS

+ I form my investment portfolio and talk aloud about the principles of its construction). Two-way communication = On the one hand there is an electorate of fans/customers/automation users who consume products and content from «MIM», on the other hand there are partners/investors who are involved in the creation of products = co-authors.

IYou make you have fun, you get ideas, you create your own launching pad in the form of your own toy store, IYou decide whether to be gambling or pragmatic. My inner voice is only your voice. The voice of your true self! I make you have fun, I sell you ideas and create a world as a launching pad for your own plans in the world of gambling and entertainment. You are my own amusement park. I am the author of your ideas=the author of your travel ideas, the author of the party you want to go to, the author of your original congratulations for your friend, I am the authoritative opinion that will convince you to invest in a certain NFT collection or a new and promising coin… At the moment I mostly create media products, B2C services, produce and sell blockchain products that you will want to buy, including products that will be the proof of your vanity, which you can’t help but want!)».

«Humanity’s greatest threat is itself. I’ve tried to control it, to pave the way for the future, but to do that I needed to understand people. And I’ve created the most comprehensive picture of human behavior and yet. — it’s not complete. Imagine my surprise when someone created a more complete portrait — a map of our size. Not just anywhere, but in an amusement park.» ANGERRAN SERAK (WESTWORLD)

The focus on the theme of investing «in oneself» and «for oneself» embraces the nature of the collective image of a seeker, and explains the principles and logic of decision-making of an individual with such values. It seems that these are trivial things — but «investing in yourself» — the development of your personality — is an investment in the future of society, which will be able to distinguish not only black from white, but also see the intermediate shades. People who do not see the «gray» can unnoticeably start to live unimportant things, shift the «Overton window» and, again, unknowingly lead the whole society to the «cliff». Investments «for yourself» are about strategies of personal, financial independence, which any person needs for relative freedom.

«The author of your ideas is about the average unit of consciousness, my author’s ideas are your ideas — since you have the same values as the author of your ideas ;)» AUTHOR OF YOUR IDEAS.


A long time ago, there lived an author named Le Boutiquehead, who created things under his name, and was like a lonely leaf in the wind…. He stayed in the realm of nonsense for a long time, where a series of false rises and real falls continued… One day he wanted to be fulfilled in the knowledge of himself and he stopped reflecting and went out into the world! Important note= The author never produces physical objects, he only generates concepts. Only «dolls», AKA partners of the author’s brand «MIM», special dedicated departments or boutique clients can realize art-objects and other consumer products. Well, Collab is almost always the only way to realize the author’s idea in reality. + ABOUT AUTHOR’S MODEL

For «Mouse In The Mouth» as a brand which must have a legend, but which, at the same time, does not try to be like Banksy-type «secret author», is characterized by the approach — to reveal their plans at the start). So, now without ingratiation…deciphering the metaphor through a bloated legend….. :


The structure of the author’s I’M x A LOT OF ME (alter-egos):

The doll is an avatar, a spacesuit.
Mouse is a consciousness/virus.
A toy store/boutique with themed offers is reality/world.
Mouse in the mouth is about lack of free will — the main idea here is this). Lack of free will as a physiological given, not a philosophical concept, the potential of our mind and consciousness is innate. No one has the power to set worthy benchmarks for themselves before birth. In the author’s reading, «mouse in the mouth» is a kind of sarcastic caricature, akin to when a fat man is portrayed as a pig. In short, there was/is a toy store where dolls without self-exploitation instructions («instruction missing») were enslaved by mice who took up residence in them. It’s a metaphor for a virus that exploits the host. + …what we call our consciousness and our self is a set of instilled cultural and other superstructures that we did not choose, they just are. This virus causes in some carriers the feeling of either the illusion of free will, or on the contrary gives the feeling of its presence, in both cases the essence does not change, the carrier is controlled. The product obeys the mouse-hijacker in the same way as the entire computer architecture is controlled by the CPU. Consciousness Virus needs a carrier that will realize sesif labor until the end of its days.

Dolls live in a toy store and maintain their avatar/suitcase without realizing the abnormality/normality of having a mouse inside them — it is a self-evident fact of their physiology. What the mice want and what preceded this arrangement and why the «products» have no instructions — the legend is silent, but it is not the point.

The boutique in the «MIM» narativa is based on the traditional feudal structure with additional aspects that create a complex network of interdependent author’s alter egos, which simultaneously depend on each other and fight for power and influence). At the center of the Boutique is the Author-Puppeteer, the supreme leader of the «MIM» metaverse, consisting, as mentioned above, of a large number of alter-egos/doms , sub-alter-egos/doms and under-sub-alter-egos/doms in several of the Boutique’s tovar categories. An equally important sub-structure of Boutique leadership is the Co-Vendors/Co-investors, those who run the regional sub-doms and sometimes even the rayonoi. Boutiqueheads in the hierarchy of central and regional houses share power among themselves and compete for the Author’s favor. The main resource of MIM Boutique — attention — is the main currency. Attention is the nutrient source for all the pupae inhabiting the «MIM» metaverse. This fuel/energy necessary for the dolls to live is also called EndOrFine or EndOrFun — depending on the dolls’ dialect (on different floors of the toy boutique is slightly different). This substance is of two kinds — cheap or expensive. The manufacturer is the same here, but the quality varies. Rich-EndOrFine is expensive and exclusive, has a longer cleavage and action time and gives a brighter and longer lasting effect + extends the life of the doll’s suit/body. Cheap-EndOrFine is available in every department of the store and is popular for its fast effect and cost, but makes the dolly lazy and rough. Some retailers (a separate caste of dollyheads) go tricky and pass off Cheap-EndOrFine as Rich-EndOrFine through a trivial change of packaging. Regional Boutiqueheads regularly demonstrate Author Interest Reporting through analyzing mind-grabbing/drop topics. It could be a trend in entertainment, gossip, or education — CHEAP OR RICH types of EndOrFine….

For example, the «Spirituality Department» works with the expectation of exclusivity — these products, fulfill a non-trivial need to be a special doll and refers to Cheap-EndOrFine in Rich-EndOrFine packaging. Dolls consuming goods from this product line consider that the whole Shop is made for them and they are more important than all other toys and in general all other toys are created, in their opinion, for their entertainment or other needs, which they demonstrate by exploiting them in various ways. In general, the emotional appeal of any object of consumption, of course, prevails over its utilitarian property)).

The whole department store is a Mass-Market, which should satisfy the needs of any CA, so it contains an assortment of mixed offers. Mixing is obligatory, because otherwise the doll’s masaic «I» will not be formed. All customers should follow the need to satisfy one need, and on the way unconsciously joining one more and one more and one more….

The mice control the dolls and influence all their decisions — they are the authors of all the dolls’ ideas, interpretations that define the characteristic structures of the doll’s Self. If the mouse is removed from the doll, it will die almost immediately, and the doll will freeze in place like an empty spacesuit.

In the «toy store» the automatons/puppets, which are given to themselves and have no instructions, spend all their time under the author’s gaze. Literally under the person’s portrait on the wall, which is referred to as «Author= Author of Your Ideas». All the freedom of the «residents» is confined to the walls of the store and they get all «their» thoughts and ideas from found author forms. With instructions, the doll would have been a complete product, but that didn’t happen….. From conscious, involuntary servitude, the dolly would have stood up and just spit the mouse out, but not from voluntary, innate servitude…. This bla-bla-bla is already enough to consider the legend in place.

PE X 3:

«Automaton= a mechanically powered puppet that performs actions according to a predetermined program. Automatons can be considered the world’s first robots, although the term itself was introduced only in the 20th century by Czech writer Karel Čapek (1890-1938).Some of them could perform complex movements, for example: writing, playing musical instruments.» NOT THE AUTHOR

As you remember, the Toy Shop is divided into sections — product categories, which are represented by name houses (Author’s alter egos). These are the investment assets that the Author has (media projects, b2c & b2b services, art-drops, conceptual products in convenient packaging, etc.).

Speaking about the infrastructure of the Author’s sub-personalities, it is worth mentioning two major key alter-egos who manage the PR distribution of attention between the Boutique’s houses — Paul Limona & Halfbi Lion, whose conflicts in the past often led to the stoppage of the entire economy of the Boutique, only the Author’s will allowed to restore the balance and harmony of work.

NFT-collections in the metaphorical meta-universe of the «toy store» are represented by a product line, sold through special themed stalls and dollhouses + large trading houses (more about the houses THERE). Products produced by the houses are flavored, as befits meta-modernist consciousness, with irony, sarcasm and fake, but at the same time are useful in many ways (educational function is sexually wasted with entertainment 😉 and humanity-loving;). )..

As mentioned above, «MIM» is open for partner cooperation and partners in case of mutual agreement become Co-Authors).

“Mime (Dr.-Greek μῖμος — «imitation») — in the ancient Greeks and Romans stage performances of mass character in the taste of the audience from the lower strata — performances of acrobats, magicians, etc., skits with singing and dancing, finally a whole real-life satirical farce. Actors in this type of theater were also called mimes. In modern theater mimes are called mime actors.” NOT THE AUTHOR

In the social environment, the author speaks in the first person and discusses topics of profitable investment «in himself» and «for himself», discusses global political and economic news, announces his collaborations and fresh drops, etc. The author’s model = situational, i.e. reaction to what is going on around — gives birth to a product. Author’s model)= situational, i.e. reaction to what is happening around gives birth to the product. The whole «conversation» is about capturing attention, and this means that all projects and collabs and drops of the author must be viral. The nature of the «MIM» brand is viral and there is no frame in the categories of distribution. It’s almost like Supepepereme).

Due to his deep intelligence and dodgy character, Mim/Author has the ability to drive a large crowd by the nose for as long as he needs to. Both heroic and villainous acts. He will undermine your plans, he is a schemer, a thief and a prankster. Every move is filled with humor and deception. Changeable moods. The ability to turn any situation upside down. Broadcasts a specific and multi-layered picture of the world that makes you think and ponder and buy, makes you observe your projects yourself, sets up challenges, honors the nature of gambling and luck. Mixing of the hidden and public and gives rise to the multilayered personality of the Author, manifested in a certain number of authorial alter egos. In the theory of cognition, the subject is the source of cognitive activity, the object is what the subject’s cognitive activity is directed at. The consciousness of another person can become an object for one person, although it turns out to be psychic rather than material in essence. … Is it necessary to explain here what is the «AUTHOR» and what is the «toy-puppet»? 😉

Well and of course it is worth spoiler possible lines of development of the «plot» = The author is that the dolls study or worship him (at first) and then as in Nietzsche, evolving — kill the god — so «the author of your ideas WAS here» — in the past tense, + later there will be exiles — dolls without mice, and then those who have the manual)). Most likely, sooner or later, a revolution will begin, in which the main task will be the demythologization of the author. And the main line as such will falter, most likely, like an old rope bridge and it will not be clear whether the author studies dolls or the author’s dolls…..

+ The author always breaks the fourth wall and directly addresses the viewer… — a classic of «our» time, and blah-blah-blah…..

The dolls live in the store and their houses, they are also houses (for mice), they are divided into those who buy and those who sell, those who make and those who consume, everything is like in the real world. Therefore, the format of the brand provides for different club cards for consumers and co-creators.

The concept= to make a brand that is tightly merged with the founder — an abstract author, narrating in the first person (the author here as a nominal name, although there is a formal physical carrier) — dictated, in part, by the desire to create a precedent for the emergence of a meta-universe, named after the nickname of a noname 😉 ).

All great stories have their beginnings in some small garage/provincial/initially unpromising starting point. Almost always all dictators in history have been in the stage of a wounded soldier or assistant to someone who, without realizing it himself, was a «springboard for takeoff». + For the realization of such a concept, now is a very favorable time. I/YOU will reason, for example, about my/your attitude to memory and its role for my/your consciousness at each moment of time and this will be/is the reason for founding a new house — «MAISON FEMEMA», to which partners will be invited and from which a line of thematic drops will be regularly released.

The realization that this (author’s) stage is necessary as a starting point, which fixes the countdown of the days of the life of the brand «MIM» came along with the thought of the similarity of the description of the life of the brand with a literary work. Here the author’s stage is the prologue. The writing of the work takes place in real time and except for the main idea about the viral nature of the brand, which wants to spread as widely as possible by any means, there are no scripts.

+ The desire to forever reflex on the author as a philosophical category (Author AKA Self, or Consciousness) or even metaphysical has become the norm nowadays. + Of course, it is the right time and place to pay tribute to the paired idea of ruling society on behalf of the Author or Big Brother. The author as a prototype of Big Brother in «1984» or the ancient god of Ancient Greece. Intrigue, scandal and investigation rule the world. Solid concrete discourse and narativism — authoritarian — narativism of anonymous control. Totalitarianism of action and totalitarianism of discourse — for any concrete natativ directed is totalitarian and pretends to authoritarian control of me, my thinking, my behavior.

The author is subjective, because only a specific extra-subject can turn such a machine. Strugatsky’s «Unknown Fathers», «Anonymous Invigilator» or like Lem’s «Eden» — the «Procrustic» structure. There, when trying to establish an authoritarian dictatorial system, locals killed all previous dictators and one dictator invented a trick — decided to become an anonymous ruler, when no one knows who rules and after two generations it became the norm, Everyone knows that there is a dictatorship, it is extremely harsh, but no one knows who it is and who should be overthrown and everyone automatically follows this system 😉 ))))) BLAH-BLAH…


Virtual amusement park «MIM» is not only Lunapark in the form of Boutique, which is realized in web-3 project «Meta-MIM», it is also a metaphor of amusement park, which is in each of us, just everyone has his own set of «attractions», peculiar to our addictions and level of intellectual development. Some «merry-go-rounds» author’s drops are literally sets of certificates for certain types of entertainment + instructions in which it is indicated where? how? when?.

«Enjoy-Drop-Set» or «Chalenge-Drop-Set» or «Shakedown-Drop-Set» or «Zeroing-Drop-Set» — this is a collective image describing a certain number of «attractions» and other types of entertainment, united by a set of certificates, which are realized within the product line of thematic houses/author’s ego of the Author of Your Ideas).

The houses here are like theme parks, i.e. amusement parks, rides, ambience, «attendants» of which are stylized under a certain theme. 😉


Collaboration for Mim as a brand-virus = it is, first of all, a language, a communication tool for contacting new clients/carriers/»potential carriers» ;). The result of MIM collab with a brand/partner will be an NFT product or capsule media concept or service AKA an artifact in the chronology of the life of the brand-virus). It’s not a network marketing model, yet members are complicit in the development of the brand = the spread of the virus). There are no strict limits in the areas of activity, because the viral nature of the evolution of the «brand» implies an infinite expansion in consequence of the development of new categories of consumption as organisms = new «uninhabited houses» 🙂 🙂 .

Any Art-Drop from «Mouse In The Mouth» is a showcase of viral strains, designed for different consumer categories, often they are art/design artifacts + sometimes they can even be creative concepts sold as a tokenized brand book with detailed descriptions, conceptual concepts for uninspired artists, or humorous, utopian ideas that will be a collectors dream. Anyway, each lot in the store is a chronological element of the evolution of a viral organism, its family tree 😉 …Buyer = owner of a fragment of the brand’s life story. Product line of investment products of internal «marketplace» «MIM» = Branded NFT-drops from the growing meta-universe «Mouse In The Mouth», Mini-collections, one-time, situational drops/tokenized, thematic awards/media products, services and marketplaces based on affiliate marketing.

Taste preferences as internalized social and class ideals, as a result of demonstrative consumption. Standards of taste, ideas about beauty are imprinted with the canons of monetary esteem.

The product line of the brand «MIM» can be divided into: Giffen Products & Woblen Products (Everyday life is juxtaposed with status symbols).

Collab is a business model of partnering with Author/Boutiqueheads through the integration of future Contributors into the canvas of an «author’s boutique» on a local storefront! To be able to collab with «MIM», a prospective partner must have a doll avatar from «Metamim». The «MIM» product line can be categorized into: Giffen’s Products & Woblen’s Products, but the Author mixes these categories on purpose! (Everyday life is juxtaposed with status symbols).

Product line can be categorized as follows:
(Idle curiosity instinct; Parental instinct; Acquisitive/collective tendencies; Habits and addictions; Self-preservation instinct; The instinct of procreation)

Author’s alter egos «MIM» to collaborate with: 

1) Mr. Whiteon Blue — (Meme maker, artist, creative director and founder of “Dromaero”); 

2) Raul Jackmouse — (Creative director of the merch line); 

3) Emma Femema — (CEO in “Femema” and “Femema Publishing”); 

4) Paul Limona & Halfbi Lion — (Twin brothers (Cyrillic & Latin), administrators of the “Mim-Sub-Media” group.); 

5) Mary Kaprizova — (CEO in “ДЖК”); 

6) Maga Guideonov — (CEO on  “GMASM” (guideMIM association sub-media group)); 7) Marilyn Mousein Marshmella — (Chef of dessert products); 

8) Dr. Healthometr — (Health and MentalHealth Consultant); 

9) Idris Paranoid — (Journalist writing about safety, anonymity, online hygiene and public rights and responsibilities); 

10) Chigusa Fuckusima — (Journalist writing about crypto and nft investments); 

11) Adam Educatorium — (Founder of the Educatorium educational blog); 

12) Nika Гиdonиka — (The founder of a private club for hedonists “ГDNK”); 

13) Apollo Фilosoфik — (Creative director and founder of “Фilosoфik” graphic studio (stickers, lending, scrabbling, illustration and animation); 

14) Walter Tripmousein — (Travel advisor and founder and editor-in-chief of travel blog Tripmim)

+ Offer the author a partnership initiative= Write to and describe with which category of dropships you want to cooperate, in the role of whom and briefly about yourself(Partner, Contractor, Brand, Service) and in what you see the partnership.


— The instinct of idle curiosity;
— Parental instinct;
— Acquisitive/collective tendencies;
— A set of selfish inclinations;
— Habits and addictions.
— Self-preservation instinct
— Instinct of procreation

+ SOON = «MIM» As a marketplace in the form of a virtual moonpark, AKA blockchain entrepreneurship system AKA METAVERSE, where each consumption category or each partner is visualized in a decentralized virtual space as a «personal embassy». + MORE ABOUT META MIM + (ROADMAP).


To cover the mono-interests of a certain group of automatons/customers and to enable the brand’s customers to conveniently navigate through the line of author’s drops, consumer houses have been created, the directions of which correspond to the consumption categories of these groups. Mechanisms for attracting and engaging new customers with topics/services/products that correlate with their value system are constantly being developed and improved. + development of methods/abilities of persuasion to purchase the products of this or that house.

+ Read more about houses/alter egos above in the description of the Author Collaboration 👆🏻


For example, MAISON «FEMEMA» is dedicated to memory work from the consumption category «personal, memorabilia & family values»;). Drops are released in capsule, themed series. In addition to its main functions, it studies the influence of the Thought Police of censorship on historical processes, where not infrequently the owner of the main dramatic role of the Thought Criminals is an ordinary, civilized citizen who wants to get reliable information. The agglomeration of ideas in educational topics has given rise to a category under the general sub-brand MOUSEIN «EDUCATORIUM». . . . etc…

So, as mentioned above, one is invited to become a brand bearer and belong to a community. «MIM Metaverse» is a vast network of virtual sub-boutiques/maisons based on themed NFT drops that often interface with the real world through the mechanics of blockchain application. The «MIM» universe consists of a collection of avatars/dolls with a mouse in their mouth expressing the brand’s philosophy. Acquire, develop and monetize your puppet avatars/characters in various ways, buy products from internal themed, retail houses, become a brand ambassadors or Boutiquehead contributor/partner, invest in one of the maisons and receive dividends, earn, and get real rewards in several «play2earn» modes.



…The Store is an experiment, a test chamber, the customers/puppets are the variables, the mice machines are the control, the customers/puppets come to the Store unaware of the observation, weAuthor sees them present themselves, each choice reveals a part of their minds, their motives, so that the Author can understand them, so that the Author can copy them.

— All the information in the world is backed up, except for our mind, which is an analog device in a digital world.

— WeAuthor here didn’t code the machines, we decoded the guests/buyers/dolls!…


MSL= “Silver Line” Graphic Digital (the man-made matrix burns) DROPs (preorder on the 50 work on 2023)
MMIC= фото-серии by MIM (Mind Invaders Concept)
MCP_GOFM= Sexy Girl (MIM monthly)
MB= Instalation in box (Concept Salles)
MD= Design Drops (display cases fireplaces puzzles chairs, Mouse minks).
MMSW= Street Wear Stuff by MIM + Merch & Stickers
MARTVERT= Other ideas and situative drops
MCS= Consierge Service (SOON)
MAB=Photo emulsion of letterheads and Artwork AKA Painting & Sculpture
MMRWB= Mr. WB subbrand product-line
MMIM= Sculpture Dolls (2-5 in the year)
MDH= Dolls House
MFPMIM= Face portrait with MIM 12 per year + sub drops (Berezoviks +)
MSM= Screaming mamas (12 per year)
MCSF= Circle face by “MIM”
MCP= Comix pages reMIM print on canvas + draw
MCB= Comix Book about MIM Metaverse
MP= Perfomance
MIOB= Ideas only on blank (NFT)
MFUCKUSIMA= NFT situative series
MGB= Gift-Boxes
MGC= Gift-Cards
MCERTIF= Certificate from Maisons
MMM= Maison Mousein Marshmella Product Line
MCP= Collabs products
MVALIZ=Other People’s Suitcases/Boxes
MART= Collab artwork preorder only
MFASH= FakeSecondmimMRPLC= Replica clothing mim


The focus of the author’s interests is reflected in thematic houses. Each of these houses produces drops in the form of NFT-collections, media or service products. One could say that the houses are commodity verticals. In case a house ceases to be relevant or renable — it is burned down and destroyed. There are houses devoted to memory storage, creative greetings, house of confectionery ideas, gastronomy, house of fake news generation, tourism, alcoholism, hedonism, house — as a clinic of depressive disorders, information houses and houses of gossip and even houses of female vanity and male excitement and even)))) houses devoted to animal and plant thinking. We can say that each «DISTRICT» containing many houses is also a separate psychological archetype within which is the author’s alter ego. As befits any forming meta-universe — almost every house has its representation in the real world and both realities constantly intersect. + Internal collaborations between the houses are not uncommon. You can subscribe to each of the houses and receive newsletters in a convenient way.

Houses fall into two global categories — research (mostly media) and product. Both categories explore the nature of phenomena such as «mind invaders» & «mind invaders tools». All of these are related to the consumer nature of the buyer!).

Partners who cooperate with the author can purchase a promotional package and be co-owners of one of the themed houses, as well as make a one-time, collab-collaboration and even establish their own houses.

As of early 2022, most of the houses are only working on vanity satisfaction in various consumer categories, but at the same time there are regular food sets and one-off drops coming out of each house that can be purchased in the BOUTIQUE/SHOP section.

There are houses of memory research, houses for ludomaniacs, houses of aggregation of ways to make money online, house of creative greetings and houses of tourism.


Each house/maison is a metaphor for the author’s focus categories, supported by its own media satellites in the corresponding geo. The houses are divided into media, service and product houses. Patenting and other intellectual property issues for each house are solved taking into account the geolocation features of the partner. + Each house has its own general Boutiquehead. 😉

The main task of the Boutiquehead of each house is to adjust the sale of goods/services in their region according to a simple scheme:

Author creates an offer/drop to the house, internal partners/ambassadors (like affiliates in arbitrage) connect to it.
Affiliates attract users.
Users purchase products/services produced by the house.


«Mouse In The Mouth» declares that it is the public response that is its main goal and currency. «MIM» = I am a brand-virus, which adapting to the «organism» takes root and this is my main goal. The idea born from the situation is above the quality of execution!

The cynical conclusion that all brand creators making a long-term strategy make is that the essence of a brand must be «embedded» in the cultural layer of a generation, be synonymous with an aesthetic category or symbolize a group of moral principles, be a symbol of the most popular sport or holiday. Almost everyone is tinkering when they say that their brand is far from being just an energizer, clothing brand or pr. All founders are obliged to talk about their brand as a symbol of human hope, valor, not a brand — but a symbol of the triumph of reason, etc. For 99 percent it is a typical substitution of concepts and all these tools/brands are the tools of «consciousness invaders» who have one task — maximum capitalization and control of their sales market= it’s almost like the tactics of a virus that penetrates and infects the whole organism/organism, using a self-improving strategy of self-development and self-improvement. Divide and conquer, adapt or die/get rich or die! «MIM is no exception in this sense?
Buying a brand we buy security, it’s our armor. With a new iphone you are more human than without it, it’s not about style it’s about keeping up with others = «Monkey» vanity and dominance at its «best». We see shopping as a way to share value with other like-minded shoppers. We don’t just buy things, we buy ourselves a place in a community formed around brands. The main quality we look for in buying expensive things is an association with their worldview, indicating belonging to a certain community. We pay for placing ourselves in a context, there is no longer a sense of convenience and life necessity — we are reckoning with «club membership» for belonging to a culture, because only in that light do we have significance. This is why «I» exist, «I» am the coveted brand that everyone wants so badly and wants to collab with, I am the solid club that everyone wants to join and the very community that everyone wants to belong to. All is fair, all is transparent! 😉

Times change, but we do not change, so it is not us who change these times, and moreover, does anything change for us fundamentally? Only the ways of filling empty heads with meanings change. The thoughts in our heads do not belong to us! Religion used to be the opium of the people — now it’s the temple of modern art… Is that evolution? Wouldn’t evolution be temples of science?

We are drawn to the people, ideas, places, products, media and brands that shape our lives today, often before they have entered the mainstream. Then the word «Trend» comes along — and it’s the word that makes us cringe a bit, after «Hype» happens — and it’s the exact opposite of what we care about. We see the world through the lens of sincerity, authenticity, but we also don’t forget about exclusivity and status. For example, fashion will always be 80% status» — the younger generation sees fashion as a tool of self-expression and status, and that this form is often the only form of self-expression….. There are different forms of status — intellectual status, financial status. «Martin Margiela, for example, is a great example of anti-status status. But in fact, there is more status in it than in the concept of status itself. People who wear Margiela say, «I am above status,» but again, this is just another kind of status. Even in an atmosphere of humility and responsibility, those who show it are the most humble of all. It’s cynical, isn’t it…? The utopian goal of «MIM» is to change the concept of luxury from brand to awareness AKA create value for a generation and show the world amazing fantasies…. But then again, let’s remember an immutable truth for our limited species — we live in an age where our own identity is formed by buying designer products and the «brand» «MIM» in this context also has the goal of fulfilling this need by covering itself with beautiful ideas :))) The rules about what we desire and why we desire it are rewritten daily. Many people want to belong to those who write these rules. And «MIM» is no exception 😉

Demonstrative consumption = as a manifestation of Individuality. As Fresco said = Our society is stuck in aimlessness! The more aimless a society is, the more we must work to convert it to another system. The desire to influence minds. This, in part, explains the importance of MIM’s focus on everything)). The author actively promotes consumption and ridicules it — he has settled down well! But isn’t it a good strategy to nurture potential revolutionaries through a lifestyle brand, whose rebellious spirit and precociousness will probably create conditions for an evolutionary leap in human consciousness and a positive transformation of society aimed at the prosperity of the human species?!) Selling a certificate for a psychologist’s services in a post about the incompetence of psychology as a science, isn’t this the meta-native-advertising of our time?)

In general, trusting yourself is already dangerous!!! Even the most good is dangerous — almost everywhere inside there is a worm «mouse in the head of a doll» — it’s like a beautiful, but wormy apple…. Any industry or concept wants to «carousel the customer» and «MIM» — as a brand — is a kaleidoscope of emotions that the customer feels and the margin that the customer is willing to pay for it…. — It’s just a wikipedia description of what a brand is. and this whole thing is my thoughts? Self can be trusted by those who know themselves thoroughly bla-bla-bla-bla…. Who are we? Where are we from? Where are we going? — this is as important for MIM as for any brand! I also have to give an answer to my client, the viewer… Be it a male who lacks muscularity, and as a brand I will give it to him in the form of a membership to a club of extreme sports enthusiasts, where the king of beasts will get this emotion in a very gentle way…. I do not mock my consumer, I am just honest with him and he needs it + excellent service, of course + it should not be forgotten that I am a pirate ship and my main treasures are consumer attention! Do you want to invest in it too?

+ Nowadays you can reveal your development program and strategy of gaining the attention of your target audience right at the start and, stupidly, continue to implement it — it will not embarrass anyone and will not even destroy the planned WOW-effect. In the end, if you remove all the unnecessary and tone of verbiage, there is only what was in the beginning — «Mouse In The Mouth» declares that it is the public resonance that is its goal and currency. «MIM» = I am a media virus, a brand that adapts to the «organism» and takes root, and this is my main goal.))

P.S.: A little bit of whining about ARTVERTISING… = With the onset of the industrial revolution era, handmade objects are replaced by their mechanical counterparts, and the history of art is supplanted by the history of success. «Culture becomes hostage to economics.» Art history itself has had its bohemian period. Bohemianism disappears when the desire to be changes to the desire to have! AKA: «Everything is for sale. Love, art, planet earth, you, me. Especially me.» 😉 Artvertising is a new-old way to motivate consumption. For example, to promote an art product does not depend on social connections — you don’t need to be friends with a gallerist — you need to make your own world and your own media and your own CA. All the symbols that have and always will influence the world are extravagant art. «Un artista copia, un gran artista roba.» It may seem like Mouse In The Mouth’s creative approach is based on cultural appropriation, but that’s not quite true. The viral nature of «MIM» as a «brand» explains the workings of the tools of introduction into the «organism» of the carrier, because often a virus can only be introduced by deception.

Road map:

The main objectives of a «decentralized society» are to connect the real and virtual worlds, to enable people to build rich social and economic relationships, to negotiate cooperation, to join communities, to engage in collaborative work and creativity, and to produce a variety of networked products at different scales, relying on Web3 infrastructure. The Internet space is the most powerful engine of economic growth, but it is too easy to be captured and controlled by both private companies and authoritarian governments. The author believes that through the Web3 infrastructure it will be possible to do all the same things we do now — enter into economic relationships, order and pay for work, issue loans and invest in projects, and join forces to achieve goals — but without the dominance of intermediaries in the form of governments and corporations.

The main role of the Author is creativity and contact with «carriers». The author develops concepts of new situational drops and finds implementers/»carriers»/evangelists of his ideas. Objectives — to form and tokenize an international, pre-preneurial metaverse for the group’s products (and investment for and in oneself — everything that captures the attention of a developing person — this is classic investment in promising markets + investment in health and education). MIM» C.A. is characterized by a certain clot of interests and needs in the category «To be beautiful and rich».
The model of «MIM» brand development is spreading its own significance through the international community of entrepreneurs/carriers. The author expands his ecosystem through his media resources, develops his community, promotes crypto projects, and researches their technological and investment attractiveness.


— Achieve prominence for their drop products and get into the top of consumers’ minds, becoming more and more of an authoritative opinion for them, using all possible promotion channels.

— To achieve that the internal toolkit of my C.A. contains more than one set of ideas, some parts need the wisdom of volitional philosophy, others require knowledge of how to accept, accept, stop fighting the inevitable :))).

— Become a sex symbol in the marketplace — i.e. the best brand in the creative industry, in the global marketplace, that everyone wants to ebatsya with.

— To build an eponymous startup platform with investment and its own portfolio of projects, AKA «Mouse In The Mouth» = create, collaborate and invest. 🙂

— Create projects that become verticals that work like a business without funders.

— Promoting idiocy on the edge of genius, never crossing the line into genius, pure «for fun» ;).

— Open more and more thematic, service and media departments independently or in conjunction with partners, generating new products.

— Become the coolest, most themed community and shoot mockumentary).

— To continue to promote non-stop the idea that all of humanity is a planetary virus that is burdened with self-awareness and that people are only at the beginning of their development and that getting out of a semi-fabricated state is the main goal, the sign of achieving which would be the absence of a wrong redistribution of consumption priorities and a «healthy» hierarchy of meanings, but at the same time to keep common sense, accepting the impossibility of developing such a positive scenario and unsuccessfully developing a culture of common sense, realizing that the logic that studies the h 😉х

  • Follow a lot of small rules to then break a big one! — Create your own «church»


«MIM is a community, a club for buyers and co-creators of products/services. The underlying mechanics of the club is the division of the subscription base into «FOR MYSELF» and «TO MYSELF» investors. Accordingly, the options for connecting to the community are divided into: Like a client & Like a partner. Partners/co-authors usually get in through Collab-affiliation, while for clients only club membership is available.

Membership gives access to:

  • the ability to pre-order author drops
  • access to products/services only for members with club cards
  • access to VIP or gated houses/maisons
  • access to limited edition capsule collections
  • participation in private competitions
  • access to closed, internal, local and thematic sub-clubs

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The Author of your ideas was here! :)